62 year anniversary

August 6, 2007

Today it was 62 years since the Americans dropped the first nuclear bomb ever on the Japanese city Hiroshima. It’s a day for reflection.

There are 8 other nations in the world besides the US that possess nuclear bombs. Most of them are quite friendly nations, but then there are some rough nations also; Israel, Pakistan and North Korea. Further more there are some nations that can be treated as fierce but stable, such as Russia and China.

I regarded Pakistan as a stable nation just a few months ago and would go there without a blink, but lately there has been a lot of violence and who knows what has happened in another 6 months from now, maybe Musharraf has been overthrown.

The situation is troublesome enough as it is without nations like Iran, Saudi, Syria and so fourth is joining the club of nuclear nations.

But the biggest problem is that the rest of the world can’t make a firm statement as long as the nations that are already possessing nukes don’t start to disarm seriously. And as long as the US does everything in the name of ‘God’ it will only infuriate rough nations even more.


Here we go!

July 27, 2007

This is probably the third or maybe even the fourth attempt for me to have a continuous blog. Time after time I have forgotten about the blog and it has expired and vanished. But this time it’s for real and nothing is gonna stop it 😉